spirit reads

It took me a long time to realize I had the ability to connect with Spirit. And it was an amazing discovery.

I have been fascinated with stories of people receiving messages from the Other Side since my Mother went there. I was only 23. For months after she crossed over, I would have dreams of her being in a wonderful paradise. Alive and well, telling me she was happy. And because of my spiritually stunted growth at that time. I would wake screaming, soaked in sweat; thinking it all a nightmare.

Why? you ask?
Because my waking brain interpreted those dreams as my Mother was actually alive and still in this world. That someone (her Girlfriend) had tainted with her meds, made it appear she was dead and then whisked her away to a deserted paradise island. Yes, I know how crazy that sounds. But keep in mind, I was completely and utterly drained...physically, mentally, emotionally. I had a toddler to keep up with and had spent the last few months watching my Mom slip away into the stupor of cancer.

I was so tired and yet I could not wait to slip into slumber each night because I knew I could see and speak with her. Each night I woke at exactly 3:17am in a panic, afraid to even look at the clock. The frightening part was that was the precise time the nurses wrote into their log, 'Lynda Moir - expired - 3:17am'

The word expired bounced around in my head and for years after I wondered why they would use that word. Like she was a carton of milk left out too long. Even now 27 years later, I still refer to something as having 'gone bad' instead of using that horrible word.

As you can see, things started opening up to me as the years passed. Pictured here are my two Sons. They were running and playing in the yard when I snapped this picture. My youngest was just learning to walk. In the picture you can just barely see he was running towards me.

Or was he? Were they running and playing with the Spirits who were clearly there? You can see my oldest Son smiling at one of them. Who were they? Did they have a message for us?

These are questions I seem to have had since I was old enough to speak. Remind me to tell you about my 'imaginary friend' sometime.

Once I realized how it worked and that my Mother actually was in a paradise, she was simply coming to me in my sleeping hours to let me know she was fine...I finally felt at peace. I looked back at all the time I spent being afraid, angry & confused and realized how silly it all was.

So anyway, back to the point of this page. I have taken courses and joined groups; expanding my knowledge of the Other Side. I've done group meditations and past-life regressions. I tried and tried so hard, that I almost turned blue at one point. Then I met a Man who made it all so simple. He helped me, along with others in our class, to discover just how easy it was to open up and trust what you hear and see.

Stop questioning and analyzing....and start believing.

And guess what? It turns out I knew him in a past life...which explains why I felt an instant connection with him. Have you ever met someone for the first time and instantly felt like you've known them forever? That is what it feels like to recognize someone from your far past. Keep in mind, however, that doesn't always mean this contact was a good one. But that's another story for another day. Not today.

A few of my clients and some non-clients have asked me to add Spirit Reads to my service menu. So here it is.

You can book a 1hr session with me for a connection. I can use cards if you like, as well. But they are not needed. If I don't get enough information to fill an hour, you will only be charged for the 1/2 hour. And if for some reason I am unable to connect, you will not be charged at all.