Roseanne Cancelled?

This is one thing I don’t normally do.

Talk politics.
And I definitely do not blog about it. But something has burned my craw. And I need to get it off my chest.

First of all, let’s get this straight. My life will not end if the new Roseanne show is off the air. I will admit we were pretty excited about the concept of the return of the Conner family. But the reality is, it really wasn’t that funny. Sure, it played on our emotional strings and tugged at sentimentality…but their ‘jokes’ were all based on politics, homosexuality, unemployment, health care and issues that are going on right now in the world. That’s not what you look for in a sitcom. We tune in to these things to get away from all that B.S.The first two episodes were pretty funny, but then it just became stagnant. And does anyone else want to strangle that witch ‘Harris’? I find everyone, except Dan, to be totally and completely miserable and needing a slap in this re-boot.

And now the show was cancelled because Roseanne made a ‘racist remark’ that was intolerable to the network and apparently society as a whole. Have we forgotten that Roseanne is first and foremost a comedian? Isn’t that what comedians do? They insult people, make fun of people and tell funny stories. If she had been onstage in a club with a slew of drinking patrons, they would have thought that comment was hilarious.

I guarantee it.

I have been in the comedy clubs where they have said things that would make your hair curl and blush. They get away with it. And we pay them for it. That’s. What. They. Do.

I couldn’t help but wonder if she would have compared a white male politician to a rat…..would it have had the same outcome? I’m really tired of how ‘sensitive’ everyone seems to have gotten over the past few years. Why should a TV show be cancelled because one of the actors made a comment that offended some people? Her fans would not stop watching because of a comment. I’m not racist in the least. But that comment would not make me stop watching her or liking her work.

Have we as a society become so accustomed to people making statements like that? In my opinion there are so many more important things that should be dealt with. There was a hell of a lot more people working to make that show a reality than just Roseanne. And now they are all being punished.

I was also enjoying the new Tim Allen show, ‘Last Man Standing’. A couple of seasons in they turned political also (what’s with shows doing that now? Friends and Seinfeld survived for years without resorting to current events) And let’s think about this for a moment….Tim’s show was supposedly cancelled because he supported Donald Trump? And Roseanne also was a Trump supporter.

The President of the United States can insult and humiliate people daily through his Twitter account. Yet he still keeps his job. But one, no make that two – comedians speak their minds and they lose their jobs. These television networks who claim to be making their decisions ‘for the people’. Maybe someone should remind them ‘the people’ who are watching their shows….are also the ones who voted majority for Mr. Donald Trump to be their president.

And whatever happened to free speech? Isn’t that something that has been boasted quite often below the border?

Just sayin’.


  1. Susan

    Wow, few are gifted with a silver tongue, and even fewer use it for good, you keep showing those government worshippers!

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