faqs about reiki

On a scale of 1-10 how naked do I have to be to get Reiki done?

Zero. There is no need to take anything off. Although I do suggest comfy clothing so that you may rest fully.

Is there anything I need to know ahead of time?

The only thing I would suggest would be to pay attention to your thoughts, feelings and your body. If you are in tune with your energy, you will be more aware of changes during and after a session.

Is there anything I shouldn't wear?

I will ask that you remove any devices (ie. cell phones, keys, watches) from your person before the session. These are removed so they do not interfere with the electrical energy of your body and aura.

Do you need to touch me during the session?

There is no need for touching during the Reiki treatment. On your intake form you will have a chance to decide yes or no. The treatment is just as effective with my hands hovering over your body.