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'Through Someone Else's Eyes'

a biographical novel

'Through Someone Else's Eyes' was inspired by true events. It follows a young girl's life and her experiences. What she's learned and what she's lost. Having lost her own Mother shortly after becoming one herself. Parts of it may surprise you. Those that watched her grow up were mostly surprised at how 'untouched by it all' she appeared.

Can a smalltown girl raised in a house riddled with negativity and alcoholism find true happiness?
More importantly, does she deserve it?

'You can't do this!'
'You're not smart enough... not pretty enough...'
'You don't deserve anyone's love!'
'It's not real...and you will end up alone!'
'...NO one will ever love you that much?!?'

How many times have you heard these things?
What can you do if ...the person saying it is you?

Emotional abuse, rejection and neglect, hurt so much more than anything else. Because your worst enemy becomes yourself. Listening to that little voice holds you back from moving forward, achieving your goals and essentially living your life.

'Emelia' is created from love and showered with affection throughout childhood. Then her world falls apart as her parents divorce. A family once strong turns against itself. Emelia finds herself alone as she enters adult life with an absent mother, an alcoholic father and siblings that turn their backs on her. Looking elsewhere for love and acceptance, Emelia's path finds many puddles. Can she put the pieces back together and move on?

Many of us had less than idyllic childhoods. Mom and Dad are not always there to answer our questions nor do we have that older sibling to go to for advice. Sometimes all we have is ourselves. And even though I sometimes feel totally alone...I'm not, I still have me.

This story is one that will inspire anyone who is a child, has a child, or anyone that has ever loved and had that love taken away. I am a 41 year old mother of 3 who is finally ready to break free of the fear of life and start living. This book is about me, my life and things that I have learned. My goal is to show that someone with hope and faith in themselves can get through anything.

Most people, young and old can relate to the issues facing 'Emelia' and how we don't always make the right decisions. But we should never be ashamed of things we've done, because good or bad, those experiences make us who we are. There are many self-help & feel-better books that are written by doctors, psychologists or celebrities. However, sometimes the voices heard need to be from real people.
Like me. Like you.

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Chapter 1 ~ Stuff Like This

Spring 1992

'Although the world is full of suffering,
it is also full of the overcoming it.'
- Helen Keller

'Ohh no you don't!' I quickly swiped the Big Bird rattle before it hit the floor.

Mia giggled like crazy! This was her favorite game to play. Drop-the-toy-and-make-crazy-lady-pick-it-up. Swinging her legs frantically, she bounced in her yellow terrycloth baby seatMia giggled like crazy. Drool bubbles fizzing out between her lips.


Tripping over a purple dinosaur, I managed to answer the phone on the second ring while spinning around with wide eyes and open mouth to keep Mia's attention. She squealed and the bouncing started up again with a toothless grin.

'Mom! Hi! It's Nanny Mia...' making fish lip popping motions with my mouth, 'You should see wh-....what's wrong? You don't sound....okay, sure...'

That was the day my light flipped to dark, my up went down...and my right turned horribly wrong.

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