benefits of indian head massage

health benefits of indian head massage

  • reduces & releases stress throughout the body; Indian head massage is particularly effective in addressing the effects of stress. The treatment can induce a feeling of euphoria and provide a sense of deep relaxation, well being and tranquility
  • increases blood supply, nourishment & oxygen to hair follicles, thereby improving the texture & strength of hair and hair growth, as well as toning of scalp muscles
  • frees knots of muscular tension and relaxes connective tissue & scalp muscles, providing relief from aches & pains
  • helps relieve neck & shoulder stiffness, sinus congestion, eye strain, jaw-ache
  • reduces and relieves tension headaches & migraines
  • helps with insomnia, giving a more restful, refreshing sleep
  • improves the circulatory, muscular and nervous systems
  • revitalizes and re-balances energy flows throughout the body
  • improves concentration, gives clarity of thought, increases alertness & relieves mental fatigue due to the increase of oxygen to the head & brain
  • increases drainage of lymphatic system, helping eliminate accumulated toxins & waste products from tense, knotted muscles; strengthening the immune system

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