Motivation, such a tough hill to climb

So here I am, on a dreary Monday morning…sitting half-dressed at my desk, sipping my coffee. Yes, I drink coffee now! Mollie, my C.O.S. (chief of security) is barricaded in the kitchen. I explained she will stay there until she agrees to eat her breakfast. I’m convinced she must be of Scottish decent, since she … [Read more…]

Melinda Avenue – Day #6

Well, I can almost take down the construction signs. Yesterday I had a list of things I wanted to get done. But Mother Nature had other plans for me. We were blasted with a tonne of snow. And if there is a big storm…guess what? NO INTERNET ~sigh~ I was so stressed. I screamed into … [Read more…]

Learning the ropes – Day #2

I guess at my age, you would think I have learned everything I’m going to learn. Isn’t that a depressing thought? If we’re not learning, we’re dying…someone said. Or was that if we’re not moving, we’re dying…? Or was that a shark… Anyway, I have wanted to build my own website for years. And I … [Read more…]