the Difference a Year makes

About a year ago, I began seeing an OBGYN. I sat in the waiting room surrounded by young women in different stages of pregnancy. I went through a range of emotions as I realized I would never be in that waiting room for that reason…ever again. Menopause can do quite a number on your senses. … [Read more…]

Roseanne Cancelled?

This is one thing I don’t normally do. Talk politics. And I definitely do not blog about it. But something has burned my craw. And I need to get it off my chest. First of all, let’s get this straight. My life will not end if the ‘new’ Roseanne show is off the air. I … [Read more…]

Because I’m a Girl

There are many stigmas that follow women throughout their entire lives. As little girls we are taught about princesses and how if they play nice and be patient the prince will eventually track them down and ‘rescue’ them from their horrible step-mother. I was 12 years old when my Mother moved out. My Father just … [Read more…]