How Far Have We Come, Exactly?

When I was a youngin' I remember things differently. I remember when a mosquito was in the room, you could hear him if he was moving. Why? Because they could only fly. If they were flying you could hear the buzzing. They did not walk. There was no chance of them sneaking up on you. The loud obnoxious buzz would wake us out of a sound sleep and we would go into panic mode. And it was hard to see them, because they were so faint & tiny. Our only hope was sooner or later they would fly and we would get the little buggers.

And when we hit them, they were dead. We smacked them on the walls, squished them on our pants, flattened them between our hands...and slaughtered them on the ceiling with a fly swatter. And they were dead. We definitely had no worries there. After all, they were tiny, frail delicate creatures that stood no chance against our massive wrecking-ball hands.

Right? Remember that?

*deep sigh* ahhh...the good ol' days.

They were definitely dead. You almost felt sorry for them. Defenseless as they were. Even with their tiny spear of blood-sucking annoyance.

And now, fast forward to 2019. The Dawn of the Awakening. The Age of Aquarius. We talk about advances in technology...we can detect illnesses and track people's phones all over the world. We have access to all the information in the world. We can genetically alter our food (not that we should!) We have apparently evolved, although it took millions of years for us to get to this point. Scientists tell us we used to walk on all fours. We use to have fangs instead of teeth, for ripping up raw meat of our latest kill. We used to have hair all over our bodies...if we believe everything we are told. But that took millions of years.

Yet, in the 70's a mosquito could not defend himself. To our hands. One swat and they were toast.

Now, in 2019....a mosquito is not limited to flying. He (or she) can now walk. Yes you heard me. Walk. They have the added bonus of sneaking up on their sleeping victims, so as to not awaken them from their slumber. What a treat!

We wake the next morning to find blood engorged insects hanging happily from the ceiling. Or clinging to our curtains, just begging us to make a swipe and splatter their treasures all over our white linens.

'Your move, creep!'

Not only this, but if you are lucky enough to get a swat to these little monsters... you will be surprised to find they are not dead. You look for their pancake cadaver on the wall to find an empty spot. You check your hand to see if their tiny spindly body is there...and nothing.

How can this happen?
Is there a hole in your hand? Was my hand cupped?
Is it physically possible for the mosquito to strategically place himself in the thin groove between my fingers in order to survive?

The only logical explanation is they now have a complex bone system. How do I know this? Because IF I am lucky enough to sneak up on one of these industrial strength robots, and IF I manage to get them before they vacate...I hear and feel the crunch of their little skeletal system. This cannot be. This is impossible!

Yet it is.

Most times, swat will not kill the mosquito of 2019. Sometimes not even two smacks, swats, or hits will take them out. I have hit a mosquito twice. He is lying on the floor. I go to get a tissue so I can dispose of him properly. And when I get back he is gone! He has magically re-built, dusted himself off and chuckled his way off to another hiding spot.

I had a discussion with my son yesterday. He stated that mosquitoes of today seem to have some sort of homing device or security detection that lets them know when danger is near.

'What makes you say that?' I asked.

'Because no matter how quiet I am, or how quickly I move...they seem to know when I am behind them and about to strike. And they move mere milliseconds before my hand lands.'

'Well, obviously our hand is moving the air in front of it and perhaps they are simply being caught up in the wave,' I offer.

'No, that's not it,' shaking his head.

So this Quickening, the Awakening...age of somehow advancing the Evolution process? And it only took 40 years? Not millions.
For mosquitoes? How is this fair?

Our only saving grace is this:
They are now so broad and sturdy, they actually leave a shadow where they light. Just make sure you have something strong enough in your hand to take out RoboBug.



  1. Nancy Robinson

    Funny and love the layout of your writing-very creative, pics and all. Enjoying sunshine here today, calling for rain tomorrow. Our little raised bed garden is growing as well as all the veggies and flowers in the planters. Rick is really enjoying being outside. Sending love & hugs to you all. Aunt Nancy xoxo

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