facial acu-zone reflexology

This is not your average salon facial, this is an all-natural 'zone face-lift'! No chemicals, no surgery. Just my hands, your face & 100% organic oils.

Eighty-five percent of disease is caused by stress. What percentage can be healed by relaxation alone? Studies have shown that relaxation can boost immunity in recovering cancer patients and help reduce its recurrence. Relaxation exercises can boost the resistance to tumours & viruses.

It seems like such a simple thing but it is vital to maintaining health. People crave it, but often put it at the bottom of the list. Being relaxed sets the body's stage for healing. Being unable to relax is a stress sign.

Facial Acu-Zone Reflexology or FAZR is a relatively new form of Reflexology (created by Sue Todd of the Ontario College of Reflexology). FAZR is a combination of Chinese acupressure points, Indian marma points, Muscular massage and Lymphatic drainage, all located on the head & neck.

Did I mention stress also causes premature aging of the skin?

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